We help start-ups, young growing companies and companies in change to become fantastic companies. Strong enough to make our world a little better.

Helping companies find and create new Go-to-market strategies, product strategies and solutions to be able to generate more value for both customers and owners. We also contribute knowledge in finding suitable external investors, and invest ourselves in selected projects. All to assist companies realise their awesome ideas and make our world better. Specifically we do not work with gambling, short time loans, creative tax solutions, or companies using our nature or assets in a harmful way.

Often it is taking the step from idea to project and on to becoming a complete company. We can help by applying our experience in manna areas but excel when solving how to reach customers, build offerings and expand globally.

Why Wishmaker?

We can help with access to capital, mentors, advice and be a business partner in developing and growing your company.

We prefer to be ”on the same side of the table” and work as hard and on the same terms as you as a founder and owner. Change comes from the inside and always with a healthy dose of transpiration.

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